Steve Rouse

    Hometown: Gouverneur, NY

    Favorite color: Green

    Pets: 250 chickens.  Only the roosters have names: Pork Chop, Basil, and Dilbert and there's Bob the Squirrel

    Hobbies: Are you kidding?  My whole life is a hobby!

    What was the first job you ever had?  Driving the other workers nuts with my ineptness working for an equipment company.

    Radio Stations you’ve worked for: Smash Hits, Q1370, WQSR, WBAL, 98 Rock, WLIF, I-95, WENY, WVIN, WIGS, WELK

    What’s the best part about your job?  I love doing it

    What is your favorite film of all time? Rocky

    What are your favorite TV shows? The Ranch, Longmire, Breaking Bad, Sopranos. Shark Tank, Mom, Everyone Loves Raymond and Friends re-runs.

    Who are the coolest celebrities you’ve met? Richard Belzer, Michael McDonald, Huey Lewis, Tim Conway, Johnny Unitas. Cal Ripken, Billy Ripken, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Pam Shriver, Coach Gary Williams, Brooks Robinson, Bob Keeshan (Capt. Kangaroo) Kevin Bacon

    Pet peeves: Businesses not keeping up their websites

    People you admire the most: My Kids, Jason, Shelby, Hillary, Cait, Chelsea, Megan and my partner Vicky.

    What is your guilty pleasure? Do you have an hour? Ice cream, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, beer…