Annie B.

    Hometown: I hail from Balto, MD,  (Catonsville)

    Favorite color: Blue/most shades, cuz it's cool

    Pets: Chorky named Brown.. (dog)    Cat named Smokey

    Hobbies: An outdoor gal who loves to fish... enjoys a round of golf, and when indoors, shoots a mean game of pool and also loves trivia.

    What was the first job you ever had? First job in a shoe store.   My singing career was launched when someone came to audition my boss in the stock room.  He called me in to harmonize with him and I got my first band job.

    Radio Stations you’ve worked for: I've worked at WTTR in Westminster, 104.7 The Point, and here now at the all new Smash Hits WHGM

    What’s the best part about your job? I've been a performer all my life and entertaining audiences is #1.   Writing and production is right up there too

    What is your favorite film of all time? I'm a stickler for the paranormal and have to say "The Exorcist" is my favorite movie of all times.

    What are your favorite TV shows? Huge fan of sit coms..  Young Sheldon,  Mom,  Two and half men.. (Charlie Sheen only)   Anything paranormal.   Catfish

    Who are the coolest celebrities you’ve met? Cal, Billy, (Ripken) Johnny Unitas, Richard Belzer, (oh and Mophet Koto) Rich Little, Glen Campbell, B J Thomas, Burton Cummings, Lou Rawls, Pat Sajak, John Aston,  Daniel Baldwin.  Adam West, Tanya Tucker, The Spinners, Carl Perkins, Roy Clark. Merv Griffin, Dom Deluise, Bill Cosby..Ronnie Dove,  Frankie Ford, and Ronnie McDowell.Mel Tillis, Mel Torme, Lou Rawls, Tammy Wynette,  Smokey Robinson,  The Beach Boys  oh and of course  STEVE ROUSE

    Pet peeves: People who smack lips while chewing and gum crackers.   People who drive under the speed limit. 

    People you admire the most: I admire my husband.   I admire people who are givers and who brighten the lives of others.

    What is your guilty pleasure? Hot Chocolate and Caramel...  Rita's Sweedish Fish Gelati   MMMMMMMMMMMM

    Never ending body tickles and foot massages.